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Using Snapshots

Discord4J is under continuous development on its main master branch. Regular releases establish a point of stability within the project, but as new features are implemented you might want to try the latest changes, or some important bug fixes that can help, even before a stable release. Therefore, we publish SNAPSHOT versions on each commit, giving you the option of choosing a stable version, or the latest one in a given branch.

To work with SNAPSHOTs, you only need to add the required repository and then set the version to use. The VERSION depends on the next version to be released, adding -SNAPSHOT as suffix. For example, for the latest development towards 3.1.1 version, you'll use 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT.

Using the latest snapshots in Gradle#

repositories {  maven { url '' }  maven { url '' }  mavenCentral()}
dependencies {  implementation 'com.discord4j:discord4j-core:VERSION'}

Using the latest snapshots in Maven#

<repositories>    <repository>        <id></id>        <url></url>        <snapshots>            <enabled>true</enabled>        </snapshots>    </repository>    <repository>        <id></id>        <url></url>    </repository></repositories>
<dependencies>    <dependency>        <groupId>com.discord4j</groupId>        <artifactId>discord4j-core</artifactId>        <version>VERSION</version>    </dependency></dependencies>