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Support and compatibility#

The following table describes our current available versions, their support status, Discord API versions and compatibility with other projects like Spring Boot.

Discord4JSupportGateway/APIIntentsReactorSpring Boot
v3.2.xIn developmentv8Mandatory, non-privileged as default3.4 (2020)2.3 and above
v3.1.xCurrentv6Optional, no intent default3.3 (Dysprosium)2.2 and above
v3.0.xMaintenance onlyv6No intents support3.2 (Californium)2.1

All supported versions have JDK 8 baseline. Spring Boot compatibility is shown a general guideline as other versions might work through shading techniques for transitive libraries like Reactor and Netty.

"Maintenance only" support means we'll try to address critical issues only but no new features will be added to that branch.


Discord4J uses a Generation.Major.Minor version scheme so the following guidelines apply:

  • Upgrades from a x.y.z to x.y.z+1 version don't affect public API and behavior changes are not expected unless they mean to fix a major issue.
  • Upgrades from a x.y to x.y+1 generally need a migration guide as they can have public API changes. We will try to offer a migration period of at least 1 major version whenever possible.

Classes and methods marked as Beta or Experimental are not affected by this policy.